Open Your Eyes to Bruder: Enhancing Eye Care Together with Bruder Healthcare

Hilco Vision has long been recognized for its dedication to enhancing eye care through a diverse portfolio of brands and products. The inclusion of Bruder Healthcare as a keystone brand strengthens our mission to provide comprehensive solutions to eye care professionals.

Bruder’s innovative approach to addressing common eye health issues, such as dry eye disease, with products backed by scientific research, aligns with Hilco Vision’s standards for excellence and innovation. These eye issues can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life, causing discomfort and potentially leading to more serious complications if left untreated. By offering products supported by key opinion leaders in optometry and ophthalmology, Bruder ensures the effectiveness and trustworthiness of their solutions. This commitment to evidence-based solutions sets Bruder apart in the eye care industry and makes them a valuable partner for Hilco Vision.

#1 Doctor Recommended — Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress

Bruder Healthcare: An Icon in Eye Health & Care

Bruder Healthcare , a leading company in the eye care industry, offers a wide range of products for treating and preventing dry eye conditions. One of their standout products is the patented Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress, known for effectively relieving dry eye symptoms by delivering consistent moist heat at therapeutic levels. This product, along with their other offerings, incorporates scientifically validated designs and materials, showcasing Bruder’s commitment to quality and advancement in ocular health. 

Their approach focuses on addressing current symptoms and preventing future issues, ensuring individuals can maintain optimal eye health confidently. By aligning with Hilco Vision’s mission to provide exceptional eye care solutions, Bruder Healthcare continues to set industry standards by combining innovative technology with practical applications to meet the evolving needs of patients and eye care professionals. 

Expanding the Horizon: The Dry Eye Drink™ and Beyond

Recent Innovation Benchmarks

February 2023: Introduction of The Dry Eye Drink™ as an exclusive Bruder product, offering a novel solution for dry eye relief by targeting hydration and inflammation, known to impact the symptoms of dry eye. The drink mix is available in two-formulations, daytime and nighttime, 10- and 20-counts, and three flavors. Unlike other hyper-hydration drinks Dry Eye Drink, developed by eye care professionals, is low-calorie, low-sodium and sugar-free. 

The Dry Eye Drink by Bruder

Early 2023: Launch of “Open Your Eyes to Bruder™” campaign, focusing on a wide range of products for dry eye relief. The campaign stresses the importance of Hygiene, Heat and Hydration as foundational steps in the treatment and management of ocular surface disease. 

May 2023: Release of Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleansing Wipes with Tea Tree Oil to address eyelid hygiene concerns, including conditions like Demodex and Blepharitis, featuring a gentle, no-rinse formula.

Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleansing Wipes with Tea Tree Oil

June 2023: Bruder begins distributing the AllerFocus™ Percutaneous Allergy Test, a simple, pain-free screening tool for common allergens affecting eye health.

October 2023: Launch of Eyedration® by Bruder®, an air-activated eye mask designed for convenience and effectiveness in treating dry, tired eyes, suitable for use without a microwave. Perfect for patients on-the-go and in-practice lid warming prior to manual expression and/or procedures.

Eyedration® by Bruder®

January 2024: Partnership with M&S Technologies to develop the M&S Bruder Ocular Surface Analyzer (BOSA), a comprehensive dry eye diagnostic device for eye care professionals, enhancing dry eye management and treatment protocols.

Bruder’s expansion into new product categories, including this hyper-hydration drink mix and the Eyedration® masks, reflects a strategic approach to diversifying treatment options and enhancing relief measures for sufferers. These additions to Bruder’s product line not only provide innovative solutions for immediate relief but also contribute to a broader strategy aimed at addressing the comprehensive needs of individuals struggling with ocular health issues. 

By broadening the range of available treatments, Bruder is enabling a more personalized approach to eye care, empowering patients and practitioners with more tools to achieve better outcomes. 

Bruder’s Educational Initiatives

Education is a key focus for both Hilco Vision and Bruder. The “Open Your Eyes to Bruder” campaign aims to provide eye care professionals with the most up-to-date insights and methods for managing dry eye, promoting eyelid hygiene, and maintaining ocular health. 

Bruder plays a key role in creating and distributing educational materials and programs to ensure that eye care professionals are well-equipped to provide top-quality care. This educational initiative goes beyond sharing knowledge; it aims to cultivate a community of professionals who are constantly learning and adapting to advancements in eye care. By emphasizing education, Bruder Healthcare is raising the bar for care standards in the industry, giving practitioners the tools and knowledge to effectively tackle the challenges their patients encounter. 

Future Directions: Pioneering New Paths in Eye Care

The drive to innovate and expand our impact in the eye care sector remains at the forefront of our efforts. The ongoing product development and educational initiatives spearheaded by Bruder Healthcare are essential components of our strategy, reflecting a shared vision for enhancing ocular health through cutting-edge solutions. The collaboration on the M&S Bruder Ocular Surface Analyzer (BOSA) marks a significant milestone in our journey, promising to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions with unparalleled precision and efficiency. 

This commitment to innovation, coupled with our dedication to education, sets the stage for transformative changes in how eye health is managed and treated. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and embracing new technologies, Hilco Vision and Bruder Healthcare are poised to lead the way in advancing eye care, ensuring that patients around the world benefit from the latest breakthroughs and highest standards of care. 

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