Bruder Healthcare Partners with AllerFocus to Revolutionize Allergy Diagnosis in Eye Care Industry

In a significant stride for eye care, Bruder Healthcare, a Hilco Vision company and esteemed provider of leading eye care solutions, is proud to announce a new alliance with Tallahassee-based AllerFocus. This partnership expands the awareness and use of a Percutaneous Allergy Test, a non-invasive allergy screening, to the eye care industry.

This innovative test screens for 78 of the most common local airborne and environmental allergens, providing key insights given the prevalence of eye allergies in approximately one-third of the population. Symptoms of these allergies, such as watery eyes, itchiness, light sensitivity, redness, and grittiness, often mimic those of dry eye, a condition notoriously difficult to diagnose due to its many causes.

Brent Jones, General Manager of Bruder Healthcare and Global Head of Dry Eye at Hilco Vision, said, “AllerFocus provides an invaluable diagnostic tool for eye doctors, significantly enhancing our comprehensive range of eye care products and aiding in effective patient treatment.”

Key Benefits of the AllerFocus™ Allergy Skin Test for Eye Care Professionals

  • The test identifies if allergies are causing eye irritation by testing for 78 common allergens.
  • It provides quick results within 15 minutes, enabling efficient in-office testing.
  • The AllerFocus™ test offers a comprehensive in-office Allergy Skin Test solution.
  • The test kit include necessary materials for conducting the test.
  • Many insurance plans cover the cost of this test, making it a cost-effective solution.

AllerFocus’s allergy test relies solely on skin contact to identify allergens causing reactions. Eye care professionals receive a supply kit with everything necessary for testing up to 40 patients, including allergens, sterile testing applicators, measurement tools, various forms and documents, and marketing materials. The entire process involves applying eight separate applicators, four per arm, and assessing the resulting skin reactions after about 15 minutes.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to enhancing healthcare professionals’ abilities and improving patients’ quality of life through advanced technologies,” Jones added. “With AllerFocus, we’re setting new benchmarks in diagnosing eye-related allergies.”

Mary Jackson, AllerFocus founder, also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, “Joining forces with Bruder Healthcare, a recognized leader in eye care, allows us to broaden the reach and impact of AllerFocus. Together, we’ll revolutionize allergy diagnosis and benefit numerous patients.”

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